If you’re looking a Mansard roof loft conversion in Croydon, Epsom, Purley and the surrounding areas for your property, then choose Creartive Build. We are a home extension company that can build the ultimate home extensions to create extra space for you and your family in South West London and beyond.

Whether you are looking for an extra bedroom or playroom for the children, we are keen to discuss ideas with you to help you achieve your dream.

Our specialists can help you choose the right luxury loft conversion for your property in Kingston, Guildford, Redhill and the surrounding areas at a cheap price with is affordable for you and your family.

The Mansard loft conversion is the most popular for terraced houses and tends to be located at the back of the property. Mansard loft conversions work best on terraced houses as the design requires raising the shared wall with your neighbours.

If you are looking for a large extension to maximise space in your property, choose a double mansard loft conversion. This is similar to the normal mansard but is instead located at the front of the property.

Our team will be happy to suggest ideas that works best for you in Farnham, Ashford, Reigate and the surrounding areas. A frame is then added between the two new wall extensions with the rear face sloping inwards at 72 degrees creating the maximum amount of head-height.

Compared with the Dormer loft conversion, the Mansard loft conversion requires more construction which you may need planning permission for due to the amount of work required on the roof, however, our contractors will be happy to help with the process.

Our experts offer reliable estimates and low-cost quotes to ensure that you can gain the best possible value and get the most out of your extension in Sutton, Woking, Banstead and the surrounding areas.

Give Creartive Build a call today to discover the mansard loft conversion cheap cost and professional service.

Here are the pros and cons for the Mansard Loft conversion:


  • More aesthetically pleasing compared with the Dormer loft conversion
  • Suitable with older properties
  • Allows for the most headroom than any other loft conversion option
  • Allows for natural light to shine through


  • Needs planning permission due to the extent of changing the roof
  • May take a long time to be constructed
  • An expensive option compared to other loft conversions options