Do you have some ideas for a loft conversion but unsure what works the best for your property? Choose Creartive Build and discover the Hip to Gable loft conversion.

We are a professional home extension company based in Banstead, Surrey that can help you discover the best extension for your property in Guildford, Sutton, Croydon and the surrounding areas.

The contractors at Creartive Build can design a Hip to Gable end loft conversion onto your property by straightening an inwardly slated roof to make a vertical wall. This modern design will enhance the amount of space in your house at a cheap price. The Hip to Gable loft conversion is ideal for semi-detached, detached or a bungalow and adds lots of extra head space onto your property in South West London, Surrey and beyond.

We also offer customers a double hip to gable loft conversion. This is only an option if your property has two sloping sides. It allows for even more additional space in your property in Reigate, Ewell, Horley and the surrounding areas.

We are here to make sure you can find a cost-effective luxury loft conversion that is both practical and amazing to look at in Redhill, Kingston, Purley and beyond.

Our loft conversion specialists are available to make suggestions on what options would work best for you and your budget, we are here to help you maximise your smaller existing space in Epsom, Farnham and the surrounding areas.

Give us a call today to discuss with our experts on the hip to gable loft conversion cost or enquire about the Hip to gable loft Conversions with dormer cost which can enhance the value of your property.

We can advise you what is the most suitable option for your home and are happy to discuss if you have any unique requirements. Consult with our team today on your Hip to Gable loft Conversions plans or on the Hip to Gable loft Conversion prices.

Carry on reading below to see the pros and cons of having a Hip to Gable loft Conversion:


  • Works well with all different types of properties and is aesthetically pleasing
  • If you want to create more space afterwards, you can build a rear dormer loft conversion
  • Suitable for chalets or bungalows


  • Not an option for mid-terrace properties
  • A more expensive option compared to a dormer loft conversion
  • May feel unbalanced on your property